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Going ahead with non-surgical aesthetic treatments is a big decision and one that should be given time and consideration. We’ve got a few top tips on things you should consider when considering a practitioner.

1. Always check that your practitioner is a fully qualified medical professional and prescriber. The sad truth at the moment is that anybody can inject Botox® and fillers by attending a course or training day. The reputable courses will only train medically qualified professionals so it’s important to as your injector about their qualifications.

2. Is your practitioner insured and who by? Again reputable cosmetic insurance companies will ask for proof that the clinician is registered with their given medical bodies.

3. Botox® is a prescription only medicine which means doctors, dentists and nurse prescribers can raise a prescription for this. If they can’t prescribe themselves then the first appointment should involve a face to face consultation with the prescriber.

The main take away message of this article is to ensure that you are being injected by someone who can deal with complications through having a medical background. The consultation appointment gives you a chance to meet Dr Bejal and talk through your concerns and treatment goals.

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