Botox® in Brighton Basics

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Immediately after Botox® in Brighton , you will be very aware that ‘something’ has happened. This is especially true if you’ve had your forehead and frown areas treated together, which is common. The treated area will usually feel a little tender for the first day, due to the tiny injections into your skin.

How easily your skin tends to become red and flushed will determine whether or not you have any red areas. Some people look a little blotchy, only to have said blotches subside by the time I’m finished. For others, it may last an hour or so.

Remember, the magic doesn’t start happening immediately: It usually takes 3-5 days to start taking effect and will have fully taken after two weeks. Around two weeks after your procedure, I’ll invite you to come back for a review appointment. It’s here that I may add a little more Botox® if need be. (I’d rather add more here than risk you getting an unnatural result). However, this also doubles as an assessment to see how you’ve responded to the treatment.

We’ll also take a good look in the mirror and contrast your reflection with your before pictures. It always amazes me how quickly people forget how they looked two weeks ago.  I love these review appointments because I get to share my client’s joy as they fully appreciate the gorgeous results for the first time.

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