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No doubt about it, Botox® is everywhere! Every magazine and blog in Brighton – as well as family, and friends – have an opinion on the anti- wrinkle injectable. Some people love it and some people can be incredible judgemental. Regardless of the sometimes positive, sometimes negative feedback, Botox® is the most popular non surgical cosmetic treatment around the world. This is for good reason, as the results from Botox® are unmatched. However, do the virtues of Botox® mean it makes good sense when you are still in your 20s, with very few wrinkles?

Is the trend for early Botox® simply a reaction, sending younger and younger women to the cosmetic surgeon without a good reason?

Some practitioners vote “yes” and some vote “no” on Botox® in your 20s...

Team "YES"

Many women have discovered that using Botox® at a young age can help prevent deep set wrinkles from forming. By relaxing the muscles that cause wrinkles, and essentially 'training' the muscles against movement, wrinkles become less likely to form.

Aside from prevention, there are some that may actually need help with wrinkles earlier than others. For those who have spent years in the Brighton sun or smoking, they may have much older-looking skin at 30 than a another girl, who has taken care of her skin by applying SPF and avoiding smoking. Additionally, some clients will have a very expressive face, meaning a lot of frowning, smiling, and raised eyebrows. The more active the facial expressions, the sooner dynamic wrinkles will form. Botox® can dramatically improve these wrinkles, and even help to keep further wrinkling in the area desired.

Team "NO"

Not everyone agrees that early Botox® is best. Some recommend a good skincare regime, including antioxidants like vitamins A and C, plus daily SPF, and topical peels. However, once obvious wrinkles start to form, then a treatment plan can be created to address problem areas. Some practitioners question whether early Botox® injections could actually cause harm to the treated facial muscles over time by causing the muscles to shrink, from decreased use. Also, over-injecting Botox® in the forehead has been known to cause tissues to drop or flatten early. It’s essential to find a medical professional who knows precisely how much to inject dependent on your desired results and muscle activity. The decision to have an injectable treatment is a very personal. Just remember, everyone’s skin ages at a different rate, so there is always a lot to consider when thinking about Botox® in your 20s.

The best advice: put your trust in a reputable aesthetic practitioner in Brighton.

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