About Dr Bejal & Azure Aesthetics

Botox in Brighton

So, a bit about us! Azure Aesthetics is a facial aesthetic company run by dentist Dr Bejal Godhania.

Dr Bejal set up Azure Aesthetics after developing an interest in facial aesthetics. She trained as a dentist and has spent several years working in the hospital services. Having worked in head and neck cancer units and major trauma centres across the UK, she gained significant experience dealing with the reconstructive side of surgery while providing patients with the best cosmetic results possible. Her medical and facial anatomy knowledge ensures that you’re in safe hands.

She is passionate about ensuring the highest standards within the aesthetics industry keeping medical facial aesthetic treatments medical. There has been a sharp increase in the number of unqualified practitioners offering these treatments; however, without the knowledge or training in medical and facial anatomy they are often unable to deal with any potential complications in a safe manner.

At Azure Aesthetics we aim to provide the highest standards of care and clinical practice with excellent aesthetic outcomes. We don’t compromise so why should you?


Azure Aesthetics is a facial aesthetics clinic based in Brighton and Hove, providing Botox®, Dermal Fillers and Lip Augmentation by medical professionals. If you would like more information on the treatments we offer please do get in touch, or you can book a consultation.