4 ways dermal fillers in Brighton can help you with expressive areas

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Facial expressions and physical gestures form a huge part of how we communicate with the people around us. Over 90% of human communication is non-verbal, so we use our faces and body language to convey messages and intentions without even being aware of it.

But what happens when the signs of ageing begin to show?

From as early as our 20s we stop producing collagen, which is the component in our skin that keeps it firm and youthful, and by our 30s we’re beginning to lose it. This can result in looser, sagging skin that causes wrinkles, fleshy pockets in our cheeks, and a general drooping. Suddenly, we may not like our expressions and facial movements anymore.

This is where dermal fillers in Brighton could help you.

Expressive lines around the mouth known to us as nasolabial folds are more commonly called laughter lines. While laughter and smile lines can indicate a happy and fulfilling life full of laughter, they can also deepen with age and become permanent fixtures on our face even when relaxed. Dermal fillers in Brighton in this area actually functions as what we call wrinkle filler, because it plumps the skin to replenish the lost volume causing the folding. This minimises the appearance of wrinkles but still allows you to beautifully, naturally smile and doesn’t inhibit your natural movements!

Laughter and smile lines can be treated easily, but sometimes loss of volume in our cheeks means even our grins and resting face can look a little diminished. Loss of volume in this area can seem to pull our whole face downwards, attributing more and more to the issue of fallen tissue and loose folds.

Dermal filler in the cheeks can re-establish the missing contour and volume to add balance to the face and act as a wrinkle filler too. A natural-looking fullness in areas of the face that provide us with such character, such as our cheeks and mouth, can rejuvenate our entire appearance.

One of the more specific expressive movements is known as smoker’s lines. These are vertical lines that appear on the lip when pouting, but they can also form from repeatedly puckering your lips when smoking. Sometimes, for those who choose to wear makeup and lipstick, our products can bleed into these lines and look a little smudged. These creases in the lips can be tackled by precise and targeted injections of dermal fillers, smoothing their appearance for a naturally youthful look.

Loss of volume can lead to bags or hollows forming under our eyes, making us seem tired or a little haggard. This darkening under the eyes can prematurely age us and conveys a certain message about us that isn’t true. Dermal fillers under the eyes can reintroduce a volume and structure to the area, helping to open the eyes more and brighten your appearance. They can balance the asymmetry of smiling cheeks and hollow eyes, appear to brighten skin tone, and contour the face to your desired definition. Dermal fillers in Brighton can effectively alter not only how we see ourselves, but how others see us too. Their results can lead to our expressive areas, and expressions in general, being refreshed and rejuvenated to achieve a natural look.

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