Botox® - How does it affect skin quality?

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Human skin is an amazing thing. It protects us from the sometimes harsh weather of Brighton – be it wind or UV rays from the sun – and it even stretches with facial expressions and physical changes. Inevitably, over the years, the skin will begin to show age. Fine lines appear, deep creases show up along the forehead and around the eyes, and suddenly we look our age. Botox is the number one, noninvasive treatment for targeting the dynamic wrinkles that come after years of smiling and frowning. If you live in Brighton and Hove come and have a chat with us at Azure Aesthetics clinic.

Over time, as the natural production of collagen and elastin reduces, the skins strength, elasticity and pliability all decrease. As the skin no longer stretches and recoils, wrinkles begin to appear.

Botox® has a unique ability to flatten dynamic wrinkles, smoothing skin and restoring a refreshed appearance. Unfortunately, within four months of a Botox treatment, the skin will return to its previous condition. This may sound frustrating, but a simple and fast repeat treatment with Botox® in Brighton can maintain the results, with your skin never missing a step. Over time, as the associated muscle movements decrease, wrinkles in this area may improve on their own. Plus, should you be unhappy with the results from Botox® injections, they are only temporary and skin will return to its original state in only a few months. The best way to find out if Botox® anti-wrinkle injections is right for you will be to speak with an experienced Botox® provider at Azure Aesthetics.

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