Questions to Ask Before Getting Botox and Dermal Fillers in Brighton

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What you might want to think about before getting Botox® or dermal fillers in Brighton

Will Botox® and dermal fillers in Brighton make me look better?

Give a lot of thought as to what you are wanting to improve. The first (and most important) question I always ask when someone is considering altering his or her face with fillers or Botox® is “What is bothering you and what are you wanting to improve?” I pay very close attention to their response, as this will guide the opinion that I give. What I am also listening for is what gave them the idea in the first place. Was it a friend who had something done? Was it a doctor or nurse who suggested you needed to do it? Did you read online about a celebrity who is having such procedures done and looks amazing for their age? Are you just not liking certain features of their face? For most people (especially those in their 20s and 30s), it is usually influenced by a friend who had something done.

Be sure you’re getting Botox® and fillers in Brighton for the right reasons.

Through this conversation, we might discover that some things can, in fact, be improved with fillers or Botox®. These include deep wrinkles such as laugh lines, a thin upper lip, under eye wrinkles and sunken in eyes that make dark circles appear more prominent.

Make sure Botox® and fillers in Brighton will give you the result you’re looking to change.

I'll also hear from men and women ages 40 and up, “I’m losing tone and I want to avoid cutting my skin with a facelift.” A lot of doctors are promoting Botox® and fillers as a lesser invasive way to resculpt, plump and tighten the skin so that traditional facelifts can be avoided. Up to a certain point in a person’s life, injectables can hold things together. However, there comes a time when a traditional facelift is the most effective way to get the result that people are looking for. It can be very challenging to make loose skin look tight with fillers and lasers. You can hit a wall with non-invasive treatments so it’s important to consider all options and get several opinions from experienced cosmetic doctors.

Make sure you find a medical professional who is looking out for your best interest.

Lastly, what I hear a lot is people saying, “My injector thinks I would benefit from getting a little filler put in.” I have mixed thoughts on this one. Some might be pushing these procedures onto their patients for the wrong reasons. I truly wish it wasn’t that way, but sadly, it is. It’s all about trust so hopefully, you can find a good skin professional or doctor who you feel is being completely honest with you and is looking out for your best interest.

Make sure to do it for YOU and only you and not what society makes you think you should do.

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