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Top tips for getting lip fillers in Brighton

Tip 1.

Having relatively smaller amounts of lip filler placed and to or three visits at our Brighton clinic will help keep the structural integrity of the lips and help avoid the dreaded duck lip look!

Tip 2.

The teeth provide a tremendous amount of support for the lips, sometimes there underlying position can actually affect the way the lip sits and looks. Dr Bejal is a qualified dentist so she will also be able to assess this at our Brighton clinic and see if the issue is more dental or to do with the soft tissue of the lips themselves.

Tip 3.

Look at the face as an overall picture to assess how augmentation of the lips will work with your own facial proportions. Big lips do not suit everybody! Also it is important to assess the ratio of the top and bottom lip to keep or create that golden ratio to keep the lip filler discreet.

Tip 4.

Know your injector. There are many important blood vessels that supply your lips and it's so important that your injector is aware of there anatomy, how to avoid injecting them and if it was to happen how to deal with complications. Dr Bejal has worked in Head and Neck hospital units across England so she knows in depth anatomic knowledge of the face.

Reassuringly this is very rare and the most common side effects that people encounter from lip fillers is bruising and swelling.

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