What To Do When Botox® Doesn't Work

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On occasion, we will hear someone complain that their recent Botox® treatment did not provide the degree of results they hoped for at our Brighton and Hove Clinic. While rare, others may not see any benefits from treatment at all. Before scheduling another Botox® appointment, it is a good idea to determine what the problem could be.

Common reasons that Botox® results vary in Hove:

  • Not Enough Time: If you are not seeing results from your Botox® injections, make sure you are giving yourself enough time. The results from Botox® are not immediate, so you will need up to three weeks for the full affect to become apparent.

  • Unqualified Provider: Question your provider. Did you get your Botox® from a qualified doctor or dentist? Was it from a pop-up shop that offered great prices in a questionable location? It takes a skilled hand to provide the desired results which can be assured in our Hove clinic.

  • Too small an amount: Too little Botox® may have been applied. This is where a well-trained provider is important. He/she must know the right amount of Botox® and place it in the ‘just right’ location. Otherwise, the results are too subtle (or too pronounced).

  • Maybe It’s You: If you are putting your trust in an experienced professional, the problem may lie with your body. How long has it been since your last appointment? Your body may have actually had time to build up antibodies that are not working against the neurotoxin proteins, keeping the results from showing.

Communication is key to a successful Botox® procedure. Find an injector that you trust and candidly discuss the results you are looking for. If you are not happy with the results from your Botox® session after a few weeks, reach out to your provider. An additional injection or two may be all that is needed to get your desired look. Although a rare situation, if you are no longer responding to the Botox® , a different neurotoxin may be needed for dynamic wrinkle reduction. Your injector may recommend switching to another, made with a slightly different formulation, which can get the results you are hoping for.

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