Botox® in Your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond

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Botox® is the number one choice in wrinkle reduction; procedures have increased by more than 750% since 2000. More and more people are learning what these tiny injections can do, from older patients erasing years off their appearance, to twenty-something’s looking to prevent lines before they even form. Here is what you need to know about the wrinkle-buster at any age.

What everybody should know:

Botox® has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a safe and effective treatment for patients 18 to 65. Made from botulin toxin, Botox® temporarily paralyzes targeted muscles by blocking nerve impulses that trigger contractions. As muscles release, wrinkles are softened and disappear. Ceasing repetitive expressions will help keep facial lines from forming. The benefits of Botox® will appear about two weeks after the injections, and will then last for approximately three months ( all results vary).

What You Should Know In Your 20s:

Repetitive facial expressions cause the formation of fine lines and deep creases. Although most women will not have any wrinkles during this decade, opting for Botox® in your twenties can actually keep wrinkles from forming. Worried that Botox® this young will result in an unnatural appearance? Don’t be! just make sure you find an accredited medical professional to carry out your treatment in Brighton or Hove.

What You Should Know In Your 30s:

It is in your 30s that the early signs of aging may begin to appear. Botox® can soften the fine lines between your eyebrows and along the edges of the eyes, providing a subtle enhancement. The face will look natural, the first signs of aging will be held at bay, and repeat visits may mean anti wrinkle treatments can even be pushed a little longer than three months apart at our Brighton and Hove clinic.

What You Should Know In Your 40s:

Once the 40s hit, your skin is changing rapidly, and that means more obvious wrinkles. If you have never had any Botox®, your muscles have been expressively contracting for a long time. Lines will have begun to etch themselves into your appearance. Beginning Botox® at this time can take years off of your appearance, but due to the changes in skin quality and resilience, your appearance may still not be perfectly smooth. Adding complementary procedures, like dermal fillers or skin peels may provide optimal results.

What You Should Know In Your 50s and beyond:

Older women may notice that Botox® is not as effective as it once was on line caused by repetitive movements. That is because lines are further compounded by the weight of lax facial skin. Together with a regime of fillers and skin care can augment the benefits of Botox® to create a smooth, rejuvenated appearance.

The bottom line: Botox® can help you look younger and more finished at any age. Are you ready to know more? Contact Azure Aesthetics in Brighton & Hove today.

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