The rise of cheek fillers in Brighton

Cheek Fillers in Brighton

Gone are the days of treating the consequence of ageing, we now look to address the cause. If you live in Brighton or Hove and are interested in dermal filler treatment for the cheeks then read on... As we age the fat pads of our face slowly drop and the underlying bone structure begins to shrink back, muscles and ligaments loosen which underpin the skin. All of these factors lead to an overall aged facial appearance. As a result of this you may begin to notice the formation of nose to mouth lines. Sometimes rather than treating these it’s beneficial to replace the volume lost at the cheeks. By adding volume to the cheeks, it creates a lift that in turn softens the nose to mouth lines.

By injecting filler into the lower portion of the face (directly into the nose to mouth lines) it can add to the heaviness you already is experiencing in this part of the face.

A common question that we get asked at our Brighton clinic is "will cheek fillers make my face look puffy/chubby?".

The beauty of dermal fillers is that you can always add a small volume at a time to have a gradual build up over time to achieve the desired results.

Getting dermal fillers in our Hove clinic is a great way to restore and rejuvenate the face, the results of cheek fillers are subtle but noticeable.

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