5 reasons to consider Lip Fillers in Brighton

5 reasons to consider Lip Fillers in Brighton

Lip fillers at our Hove clinic near Brighton couldn’t be easier. In this article we go through 5 reasons why you may consider getting lip fillers.

1. Reduce the appearance of smoker’s lines

By adding hyaluronic acid based fillers to the border of the lips, it provides support and can help in smoothing out fine lines around the lips often called smokers lines. These lines can also cause lipstick to bleed into them.

2. Define the border of the lips

If you feel your lips lack a definite edge around them when applying lipstick, it could be due to lack of definition around the edge of the lips (known as the vermilion border). By adding filler to this area in various ways we can create definition, shape and also slight upturning of the lip if desired.

3. Add volume to the lips

As we age we lose volume in our lips giving a thinner appearance to them when we smile. Adding dermal filler to the main body of the lip is a great way to restore lost volume.

4. Add hydration to the lips

People often think fillers have to had volume and size to the lips. This isn’t necessarily true. By adding certain types of dermal fillers we can provide hydration to lips that are dry and have fine lines present. Initial swelling should be expected following the procedure however this settles generally within a week.

5. Correct asymmetries

Have you noticed that one side of your lips is smaller than the other? Asymmetries can make people self-conscious no matter how small. The great news is they can generally be treated by lip fillers being placed more so in the side that is deficient.

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