5 areas dermal fillers in Brighton can treat

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Dermal fillers are becoming more popular than ever before. They are a safe, reliable and effective way of rejuvenating the face non-surgically. Dermal fillers primarily consist of hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring sugar in the body meaning they are metabolised over time by the body.

There’s more to dermal fillers than just getting a plump pout.

Dermal fillers can reshape your chin

The side profile is equally important when considering facial aesthetic harmony. If the chin lacks definition or appears flat, the rest of our facial features can appear dominating. Dermal fillers placed into the chin can help create a more balanced and proportioned face especially from a side on view. This treatment targets a relatively small area of the face however the differences can be huge following treatment!

Dermal fillers can lift your cheeks

As we get older our cheeks begin to get flatter due to fat loss and migration. In turn our face can begin to look gaunt and thin, and it can also contribute to the appearance of nose to mouth lines. By introducing volume back into the cheeks with dermal fillers, the face appears re-contoured and more youthful.

Dermal fillers can re-sculpt your face

The temples, jawline and jowls can all be targeted with fillers to help restore lost volume. The aim is to establish a more youthful appearance.

Dermal fillers can revitalise tired looking eyes

The under eye area is a problem area for both men and women. Over time hollows and shadowing causing a dark and sunken appearance may appear in the under eyes. By injecting a small amount of filler carefully in this area can refresh the eyes and reduce the appearance of hollows and darkness.

Dermal fillers can reshape and rejuvenate your lips

Hyaluronic acid found in lip fillers attracts and retains moisture, helping to plump out your lips. Lip fillers can also add definition and volume to areas that you wish in turn giving a balanced facial profile. Dr Bejal aims to provide a natural result in keeping with the harmony of your face.

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