Bridal Botox®: The Do’s and Don’ts

Bridal Botox

Are you a Brighton bride contemplating adding Botox® to your bridal beauty regime? It’s worth considering the points below, especially if you’re a Botox® first timer.

Do plan far in advance

Azure Aesthetics advise planning for treatment at least 6 months before the big day especially if the bride is having anti-wrinkle treatment carried out for the first time. The bride needs to allow time for a consultation, treatment and review appointment all ideally 2 weeks apart. Botox can last around 3 months so after one treatment round the bridge should feel that the dose used and the result is correct before final commitment. Think of it like a trail run. The pre wedding round of treatment can then be carried out approximately 6 weeks before the big day, Botox® takes 2 weeks to show its full results and this still allows time for adjustments.

Things that should be avoided for 24 hours following treatment include:

  • alcohol

  • facial massages

  • extreme changes in temperatures such as steam and sauna rooms

Take this into account when planning hen and stag do’s!

Do seek treatment by a medical professional

Research the credibility of the person treating you. Do not go solely on images you have seen on social media! Sadly there has been an increase in the number of rogue practitioners administering Botox® and without an understanding of facial anatomy; clients can be left with side effects and substandard treatment.

Do consider baby Botox®

The same product with the same potency, just much smaller doses giving you a natural look where you’re still able to subtly use your facial expressions. Read our baby Botox® article here.

Don’t think more is better

Getting too much Botox® in your forehead and crow’s feet can leave you looking unnatural. Incorrect placement in the forehead can leave you with heavy looking eyebrows, or on the other hand an over exaggerated eyebrow arch. Incorrect placement in the crow’s fee area can actually have an effect on your ability to smile. Correct placement on the other hand can give a subtle brow lift and really open up the eyes.

Don’t go for the cheapest treatment

To be able to offer cheap treatment the practitioner can’t have invested much time or money into their training, products or insurance. The client must remember that there are risks associated with non-surgical cosmetic treatments and without safeguarding in place mistakes and complications are more likely to occur. Don’t let a decision like this ruin your big day.

Don’t miss your follow up appointment

Botox® is not a one size fits all treatment! At Azure Aesthetics we offer all our clients a complimentary 2 week follow up. This enables us to review our work and make adjustments as required. No need to worry about additional costs at this stage, if a top up of Botox® is required at this appointment it’s free.

Don't feel rushed to make a decision

At Azure Aesthetics we do not encourage same day treatment as the consultation appointment. We believe that the client needs to go away and consider all treatment options so that they can make an informed decision. Find out more about our consultation appointment here.

Don’t let your nerves get the better of you on the big day!

Another popular pre wedding treatment is hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) Botox®, which can be extremely embarrassing. Whether it occurs on hot summer days at work or at your wedding, it’s something you would probably like to prevent.

If you’re interested in receiving Botox® at our Brighton clinic contact us to book your consultation.


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